7 Dec. 2015

york and Elder az
(with my new companion, Elder A.)
Good day everyone! This week:
-I worked hard
– I had my palm read by a family of 22 people, all of which had gold teeth (Aparently my palms says I am going to be rich, Im not sure where)
– I decorated for christmas
– ate 12 different kinds of fruit
– got a new companion (Elder Azevedo)
– I talked to (wasnt my choice, he started talking to me) an ULTRA drunk terrorist/gang member who theoretically help murder some US ambassadors in a different country. (Im not sure a believe him)
– I created a mop out of a squeegee
– I found keifer sutherland from the show 24 in my church preach my gospel book (picture below)
– I found MRI scan sheets in my room under my bed
– and I worked hard.
– I ate pizza 3 times
– I recieved a package for christmas and opened its contents.
– I ate pizza with the president because I met the “Gold Standard” of work on our mission.
– I drank tererè for the first time.
– And I cleaned my entire house and
– Oh yeah, And I worked Incredibly hard!!
Have a great week!!
Elder WestKiefer on mission

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