18 January 2016


Lunchtime with members!

Hey everyone!

This week was really hard and annoying… that huge family we found heard some false information about the church and now they don’t want anything to do with us. It’s really frustrating but I know that my work will only do a part of the job. When it comes down to it they have to accept the truth as well.
This week I watched a 30 person street fight which was funny and interesting. And funnier still was the fact that probably 25 of the participants were 14 year old girls.
I also remembered that when I was at the hospital with another elder last week (for him not me–don’t worry!), the doctor dropped the tool he was probing the Elder’s mouth with on the floor. Immediately afterward he picked it up and said in portuguese the equivalent of “5 second rule” and kept using the tool to probe the elder’s mouth. lol gross.
Also I sing a lot of opera in my house because I can and it’s free.
This week we did actually have 1 baptism, though. which was cool. A woman got baptised after we tought her the plan of salvation. She said she loved the enphasis on family in Mormonism. Also this upcoming week I have a worldwide broadcast I have to attend which is fun. Also I bought a can of water chestnuts and ate them raw… it was awesome.
I found hazelnut Kit-Kats and I found a Cadbury egg here as well. I bought both even though I dont like Cadbury eggs. It was like re-living family Easter. ¬†Also I’ve learned about 6 or seven Adele songs on the piano on the piano over the past 3 months by chiping away figuring them out on the church piano every p-day (don’t worry, they’re her old songs!) I’m also learning some hymns too.
Anyway I know this weeks report isnt very substantive or fullfilling.
But thats ok, Godspeed and have an incredible day!!
York west

11 January 2016

York Julio Baptism


This week was really lucky, we found a family of 27 (At least I think its 27, maybe 26) people and all of them want to be baptised. only 22 of them are more than 8 years old. We have 8 of them planning on being baptized this upcoming week.

I made a bet with Elder B. in my zone that I can gain more muscle this transfer than he can lose fat (I’m trying to help him lose some weight) so that should be interesting. Today were going to weigh ourselves so we can start it all tomorrow.
Anyway I’m doing well here in brazil and I feel like im making a difference.
Godspeed and love,


4 January 2016

York sao bernardo

This week I partook of my first New Year’s Day in Brazil. I ended up staying at the Zone Leader’s house for the night which was cool because they have a “barbacue.” I feel the quotations neccesary because -in my book- a sawed-in-half oil drum really doesn’t count as a grill. Needless to say, the 5 kilograms of steak that we cooked that night were truly horrible.

The Zone Leader’s house is situated in between two cities so I got to watch to fire work shows instead of one, each of which lasted for 30 minutes; unfortunately, the shows were monumetally disorganized; Probably ten times I thought “Oh that was kind of a lame final√©… but whatever, I guess I can do without a big blitzing finish to christen my New Year” only to have the fireworks start up again 20 seconds later. That being said, It turned out to be a decent Felize ano novo.
We had 2 more baptisms this week as well which is unfortunatly a slugglish start to my 20 baptisms-this-month goal, but I’m always looking toward the future and thanking god for the blessing of participation in the first steps toward salvation of those two souls.
Anyway, other than that this week was relatively unneccptional.
Have a Great new year and Godspeed!!
Elder West (enhaver, its optional here since nobody can pronounce it)