23 November 2015

This week we met with the president of our area, Elder Costas. It was strange when I first met him becuase I recoginized him from General Conference. He’s spoken there a few times actually. He’s currently the most senior member of the Quorum of the Seventy so if he becomes an Apostle sometime I wouldnt be surprised.

He set our goals even higher and spoke of 2 missionaries 20 years ago here in Brazil who baptised 38 people in one sunday when he was their mission president!! So now of course I’ll have to top that…
Brazil’s begun to mint new currency centered around the olympics here and everywhere you can see advertisements of the olympics. It seems that every single business here is a certified sponser as well so every single reciept I recieve here has the 5 rings on it along with an open invitation to “come with us to the olympics.” Needless to say, because of my undying love for the olympics, this influx of propaganda is killing me!
This week we baptised an incredibly smart 10 year old named Pedro. He’s incredible and during our lessons spoke of how he knows he will always stay active in the church and how he wants to be married in the temple when he mades his wife. He’s awesome.
This week I learned how to use the photo effects on my camera and with a little free time when my companion was sick I crated I tie from the jeans that I tore at the CTM. And not to brag but literally everyone at church was like “you made that!?” All thanks to some old american ingenuity.
Yorks Denim Tie
Anyway, this week was great and although we were working hard the hold time I had lots of fun doing to it.
Elder Westenhaver

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