28 December 2015


This week was Christmas!! Christmas down here is a little different. Christmas day itself is nothing special down here because everyone opens their presents on Christmas Eve at 12 am. All the kids stay up and there’s fire works and all that jazz.

I spoke with my parents and the fam so that was cool. I got a manicure kit from some members and some mint scented aftershave to use as well. My parents sent me some candy from America and a book about the New Testiment as well so that was nice. I spent Christmas Eve with some members who gave us tons of food and dessert so in that aspect my day was somewhat like normal.
I really have only one complaint: here in Brazil the fireworks are awful. Instead of seeing a tapestry in the sky of beautiful colors, you here the deafening explosions of what appear to be small balls of dynamite. I cant for the life of anyone understand why the country allows them or why anyone would use them, considering that those using them are often the closest to the deafening explosions.
But upon observation I´ve realized that the only ones throwing and discharging these little jump-scaring atrocities are 17 and 16 teen year old teenage boys… I guess it actually makes sense why they exist.
Anyway, As always best of wishes and godspeed back in states
Have a happy new year!!
Elder West

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