Shopping and Subways

Hi Everybody,

I don’t have much time left so I summarize this week by saying:

We baptized Erick,
York Baptism Erick
Saw a floating cross outside a Catholic church,
York Floating Cross Brazil
Took a picture with some other missionaries and had fun in general.
York Ribero Pires Missionaries

We already have 4 baptisms confirmed for this month so I’m pretty stoked for these upcoming weeks.

This week was kind of difficult because I had a really bad stabbing pain in my foot, but yesterday it went away so that’s good.

In general in this area is pretty nice; it’s very rural so I get to be away from all the commotion that takes place in the city. The area where I am is really more of a county really because there isnt any city-ish area here. Its technically part of Sao Paulo but it’s the last stop on the farthest away train.

The people here work and do whatever normal Brazilian people do.  It has areas that look just like where we used to go camping in Texas and it has areas that look more or less like suburbs. There are a lot of little stores where we can buy food and toilet paper, etc. but there aren’t any Walmarts or anything like I had in my last couple of urban areas.

York Brazil Market
The architecture here is mostly the same as in the city but as a general rule the buildings are larger because there is more space. Air conditioning is relatively nonexistent.

The people often sit in bars and drink all day playing dominoes because the government gives money to the “underprivaledged.” Alhough that term proves a little ambiguous here since every social class here is underprivaledged when compared to the US.

I don’t take public transport very often here becuase its 4 reals (which is the currency here. It’s pronounced kind of like “HAY-eye”) so I can’t really afford it. But we did get to take the subway last week.
Sao Paulo Subway
Tomorow I´m going to the temple so I’m excited for that. Other that that nothing really happened this last week here.
Next week I promise to write more!
Love, West

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