Humbling Myself

So I loved watching General Conference. It was cool because I got to watch it in English as well. My favorite talk was the one by Elder Oaks in the last session. I don’t know why but everything he said was exactly what I wanted and needed to hear.

I’m being tranferred today to the most jungle-ish part of my mission which everyone says is really cold. I’m being put with somebody named Elder C. which means Elder Butcher in English. But everyone says he’s cool so hopefully we’ll get along.
This conference when President Uchtdorf  talked in the Priesthood session, he said that as you grow older you begin to appreciate the work that your parents did more every day. Nothing has proven truer to me over these past 7 months of the mission.
I never really thought until recently what it must have been like to be in you guys´s positions. I almost have 20 years under my belt and in 5 more I bet I´ll already probably have a kid. Its wierd to think that the parenting era of my life is almost here. I feel extremely overwhelmed already.
Thinking of the stress and all of the work that you must have put into raising us kids in truly incredible. Often times when I was younger I remember running up to my room and fuming to myself about how I thought you guys were bieng unfair and how I was always right… now I understand that you were just doing what you thought was best.
Becuase of the past emotional, spiritual, physical, mental and age disparities between you and me I never really understood you all that well. (adults in general for that matter) But now that I am almost 20 years old and am finally living on my own I’ve begin to truly realize the value of the teachings and help that you´ve left me with.
In particular I remember how you were always so supportive to me in all that I ever wanted to do. You went to all of my shows and sports things. You helped me do my projects for school and pushed me to do my school work. My only regret is that I didnt embrace the advice you gave me to always work hard, especially in high school.
Because of my slacking off and laziness during those 4 years of high school I will not have a scholarship at college and that makes me mad that I didn’t just listen to what you were telling me that whole time. Luckily I plan on applying for scholarships like crazy when I get back so that you guys dont have to break the bank because of my lack of foresight.
Love you!