New Area and Vomiting

This week I switched areas and entered the area of Birajara in Piratininga (still part of the Sao Paulo metropolitan area). It’s right next to India’s mission. I can see this famous racetrack that’s in her mission from my zone. My area is much larger than it was in Silvina and there are a lot more sketchy areas (the weed-smoke and poop-smell type of favela) here as well. I found a GOLDEN investgator this week here on my first day. Or rather, he found us through the church website. We went to his house and after the second visit he’d already read more than a third of the Book of Mormon and watched a ton of videos on the church site.

We invited him to be baptized and he said that he wants to learn more, but that every time we teach him it becomes more and more obvious to him that this church is the true one of God.
Also lunch fell through 4 times this week which was annoying but its ok because we managed to find someone else to give us lunch instead 3 of the 4 times. There’s this road in my city that has a ton of trash on it and my first day we were walking there I actually, for the first time in my life, vomited because something smelled so bad. It was like the worst rotting meat ever, mixed with crap and a bid of orchid smell as well (because orchids are truly horrible smelling, I learned that in a members house this week).
My new companion and I¬†worked like crazy and I did more contacts this week than I’ve every done before on the mission. But unfortunately in our zone, we’ve only got rich areas (which are much more to difficult to find people in) and a deep, dark favela (which is a one way ticket to baptizing inactive people) so we’ve had to kick to the curb almost all of the investigators that we found this week.
Wish me luck and godspeed!!