14 October 2015

York Slouchy Brazil
This is my last week in the MTC; and likely my last time to speak English for the better part of two years. Dispite all of the grammar I´ve drilled and the vocab I´ve memorized, I cant help but feel largely unprepared to enter the field. Earlier this week my district received a new elder named Elder F. On the night of his arrival our district hosted a 16 person double elimination arm wrestling tournament. I was about to start the semi finals when the senior missionaries shut us down. We’re just trying to exercise and stay healthy! Haha.

Although I´m apprehensive to leave the MTC, I believe that I´ve learned all I can here.

I´m doing great. Wish me luck!! Love you guys!

Elder Westenhaver

PS: Facci made up a cool quote and I though I should tell you guys it: Goals are not limits.

Here’s a picture from the American-stye cookie shop across from the MTC where York has been staying. I don’t know who this girl is but there’s York in the background. So far these are the only pics I’ve gotten from him.

York Mr. Cheneys

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