7 October, 2015

Hi everyone,

A lot of interesting things occured this past week so I´ve decided that a chronological account of these events is the best option to cover all of the goings on here in Brazil. First I´d like to point out that the “days-of-the-week” system in brazil is extraordinarily cunfusing; attempting to recall the events of a specific day is virtually impossible. Now I know what you´re thinking, “Why can´t Elder Westenhaver just use his daily journal entries to spark his momories?” well… forgive me for answering a question with a question: but, have you ever tried to read my laughably inscrutable hand writing? For those of you who havent, imagine an Aztec codex writed by a blinnd 4 year old riding a gallaping horse. Now turn what your imagining upside down and look at it cross-eyed. Thats probably what my hand writing would look like to you.

The point of me saying this is to help you understand how terrible my attampt at remembering this week will be… but nevertheless here we go:
Last wednesday. After I´d writen last weeks letters, my companion, roomates and I travelled out into Sao Paulo once again in search of snack food. While my roommates found knock-off Brazilian gummy worms from the candy shop and pão de quejo (cheese bread) from the bakery sufficient to satisfy their sweet tooths, I was unwilling to settle for such generic american foods. After mmuch deliberation and searching I finally chose a munition of much higher caliber than that of my friends: the Dog Egg Master. The Dog Egg Master does in fact live up to its name. As the food cart chef created the confectionary wonder in front of my eyes; as the freshly broiled bacon, eggs, mashed potatoes, hotdogs and french fries sliid into the bun; and as the man drizzled the lot in catsup, mayanaise, relish, cheese and mustard, I knew that I had discovered love at first sight.
2 hours, a stomach ache, and an hour of self justification later (in that order) I ate nutella bannana pizza for dinner. #best day ever.
On Thusday and Friday all of my laundry disapeared at the hands of some laundry-schedual illiterate guys on my floor. Luckily I got all of my clothes back eventually. But unfortunately the washing machine ate one of my socks. On sauturday and Sunday I ate, slept and dreamt conference. Bieng enriched by 10 hours of talks and hymns made this weekend vastly more enjoyable that my typical weekends here. It was great!
On monday one of the Brazilians learned that you cant flush a volleyball sized piece of toilett paper down the toilet. Sadly, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time when this crime went down so I was forced to walk through the brown liquid aftermath.
On tuesday (ie. Yesterday), my companion and my current roommates and I recieved some new Brazilian roomates. In addition to this alteration our room number was changed to the floor above. Now instead of the beautiful star-lit city scape that used to meet my eyes each night, I am blessed with an attractive view of matte black steel  bars.
Nonetheless, this week, through its ups and downs has been great!!
Love to you all,

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