March 21

This week was very rushed, We spent the week preparing our 3 babtisms that are going to happen Easter Sunday. Based on our group of people were teaching I think were probably going to have a lot of baptisms next month.

Yesterday night at about 10 pm we heard a few gunshots down the street and a bunch of people screaming followed by a car speeding away. A few minutes later the person who was shot was rushed to the hospital. (I dont know if they passed away or not)
That makes it the 3rd time that someone has been shot or killed within one mile of my house here on the mission. Luckily we’re missionaries so nobody wants to kill us. But it is kind of sketchy when someone gets shot down the street from your house.
This week I felt really sick and had to return to my house and sleep after lunch all day. it was really awful because when I woke up after 4 hours I felt better but when we got back to the house after we left again I couldnt sleep because I wasn’t tired anymore.
Anyway I’ve offically lost 17 pounds since I arrived on my mission and I’m thinking I should start eating more. We just recieved the money for this week so maybe I’ll go buy something nice.
Love you all and have a great week!!
West ❤